Готель "Жайвір"


Dear guests!

We are glad to welcome you to our hotel!

Please, carefully read the rules of accommodation in the hotel “Zhaivir” State Enterprise “Antonov.”


  1. These Rules are developed on the basis of the current Legislation of Ukraine,decrees of the State Committee of Ukraine on housing and communal services,The State Committee of Ukraine on Tourism, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and taking into account the requirements of the Council of the International Hotel Association.
  2. The hotel “Jaivir” guarantees the guests observance of all the rules of confidentiality.
  3. Smoking in the hotel “Zhaivir”, except for specially designated places, is prohibited.
  4. The hotel administration reserves the right to impose a fine for violating fire safety standards, smoking in unauthorized places and failure to comply with the lawful requirements of the administration.
  5. You can leave comments and suggestions about the hotel’s work at the hotel’s reception desk.


  1. The hotel works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Estimated time is 12:00, timeCheck-out time is 12:00, check-in time is 14:00.
  2. Breakfast is served at the hotel’s cafe from 8:00 to 10:00 am.
  3. Please leave valuables and documents in the safe at the reception. For things left unattended in the room, the guest bears the responsibility.
  4. Additional free hotel services: emergency call, taxi call, wake-up call, sewing supplies, Wi-Fi, hairdryer and iron.
  5. We ask you to take care of the property of the hotel, observe the fire safety rules of the hotel. Leaving the number, please close the windows, the taps in the hygiene room, turn off the lights and other electrical appliances. In case of damage to the property of the hotel, the guest fully compensates it in accordance with the hotel’s internal documents.
  6. Guests of the hotel consider and do not object to the use of a video surveillance system on site, except for the toilet rooms and guest’s private apartments.

For the sake of order and security, the hotel is prohibited:

  1. Smoking in rooms, lounges and hotel areas except for specially designated spaces
  2. Use electrical appliances in the room, except for those permitted to use.
  3. Give the keys to numbers to unauthorized persons.
  4. Keep flammable materials in the room.
  5. Bring to the hotel territory and store in the room materials and objects that are dangerous to the life and health of others
  6. Move and take out furniture from the room.
  7. Violate generally accepted standards of conduct, incl. stay in the hotel under the influence of drugs.
  8. Show aggressive actions that threaten the health or property of others
  9. Inflict damage to the property of the hotel.
  10. Place in the guest room after 23:00 without paying and registering their stay at the hotel.
  11. Place in pets.


  1. Fees for accommodation and services provided by the hotel are made in cash, by bank transfer or credit cards, according to the current price list. Payment for accommodation and additional services is made in UAH.Children under 5 years without an extra bed are accommodated in the hotel for free.
  2. For guaranteed reservation of a hotel room, a prepayment ofof the cost of one night’s stay with a subsequent surcharge for the settlement of the remaining amount for the whole period of residence.
    2.1. Payment for the first day of the stay must be made within one business day of the day following the booking, but not later than:
    – day, subject to booking the hotel stay on weekdays;
    – three days, subject to booking the hotel accommodation during public holidays.
    2.2. The hotel reserves the right to refuse to provide services to guests, in the event that the conditions specified in clause 2.1 are not met.
    2.3. The guest can cancel the hotel reservation without penalty for:
    – day, subject to booking the hotel stay on weekdays;
    – Three days, subject to booking the hotel accommodation during public holidays.
    2.4. Penalties:
    – in case of cancellation of accommodation reservation on weekdays in less than a day, a penalty is charged in the amount of the cost of the first night;
    – if you cancel the reservation for a weekend or public holiday, less than 3 days will be charged a penalty in the amount of the first night’s accommodation.3. If the guest is late for more than 24 hours, the guaranteed reservation is canceled without notice. Prepayment for the first day of your stay is not refundable.
    4. If you stay at the hotel for less than 12 hours (after the check-out time), the fee is charged in the amount of half a day, and for a stay of more than 12 hours – at the price of a full day.
  1. If a guest is accommodated at the guest’s request in a single room of the second person without a separate berth, a fee is charged for an additional seat in accordance with the Price List.
  2. Refunds for accommodation are made for a full day or half a day, starting from the estimated hour, provided that the guest has stayed at the hotel for at least 24 hours.
  3. Refunds are made only if there is a receipt for payment for hotel services within one hour from the moment of settlement, provided the guest does not use the number.
  4. Early check-in (before 14:00) or late check-out (after 12:00) is provided to guests only if there are available places in the hotel and there are no requests for similar dates, and is paid according to the Hotel’s price list (50% of the room rate per night ).
  5. Upon check-in, the guest provides a document proving his identity (passport, driver’s license, foreign passport), fills out the registration card and pays for accommodation in the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to refuse to provide services to guestswho did not produce an identity card or refused to pay their living expenses.
  6. You can continue your stay if there are available seats in the hotel for at least half a night’s room rate according to the hotel’s rates.
  7. Guests staying in your room after 23:00 must first check in at the reception and pay for accommodation in accordance with the hotel’s rates.
  8. When ordering additional services, the guest makes a full prepayment for all necessary services.
  9. If you leave the hotel, leave the key from the number at the reception. In case the key is lost, the administrator of the reception service will give you a new key at a cost, according to the current Price List
  10. On the day of departure, the key to the number is given to the administrator. After checking the maid’s number, additional hotel services are paid, including long-distance and international calls.If you inform in advance about the time of your departure to the hotel administrator, we will try to shorten the time of your departure.In case of violation of the rules of residence established in the hotel, the administration has the right to refuse the guest in the future

We wish you a pleasant stay!